Proof of Concept

Cloud trial

If the prospect would like to trial FlowFuse Cloud, they are able to self-service at If they would like to test with Teams or Enterprise features, you can apply a coupon code to their Stripe account and elevate their Tier, after they create their trial account.

Self-hosted trial

If a self-hosted trial is desired, you need to generate a license key. See below.

Every self-hosted POC call should have an engineer present.

POC Criteria

During the initial POC meeting, the POC Criteria document should be completed by both FlowFuse and the prospective customer. This ensures both parties are clear about what needs to be technically validated and what the next steps are after the testing is complete.

Generating a license

For self-managed installs a license needs to be generated and installed to unlock paid-for features. Generate one by filling out this form. For Trial licenses the license is valid for 30 days, from the day of the request onwards and includes 10 users, 10 teams, and 10 Node-RED instances on the Enterprise Tier.

All generated licenses are added to this sheet automatically.