Meet the Team

Photo of ZJ van de Weg
  • Early GitLab employee, still knows too much about Git for his own good
  • BSc in Computer Science, developing software since his teenage years
  • Only half an Ironman, but certainly knows how to swim, bike, and run
ZJ van de Weg
Photo of Nick O'Leary
  • Created Node-RED in 2013 and continues to lead the Open Source project
  • Member of the OASIS MQTT Standards Committee
  • Called 'one of those computer geeks' by King Charles III many years ago
Nick O'Leary
Photo of Ben Hardill
  • Reformed triathlete (stil swim and ride)
  • 20+ years of Software Engineering, 9 of those doing customer support
  • Heavy Stack Overflow user, answering questions on MQTT & Node-RED
Ben Hardill
Senior Software Developer
Photo of Steve McLaughlin
  • Programming since I was teenager. Lets just say a 'long time'
  • 25y as an Engineer in the automotive sector primarily interfacing field technologies and IS/IT
  • Love to travel - it broadens the mind. Favourite places include Japan, Cuba and Thailand
Steve McLaughlin
Senior Software Developer
Photo of Joe Pavitt
  • 10 years of UX & Design Experience
  • Former IBM Master Inventor & Emerging Technology Specialist
  • 18 Filed Patents
  • Qualified Rocket Scientist
Joe Pavitt
Head of UX & Design
Photo of Rob Marcer
  • Founder of CRM SaaS.
  • Collects hobbies for a hobby.
  • Loves low-code, using Node-RED is not 'work'.
Rob Marcer
Customer Success Manager
Photo of Marian Demme
  • IIoT connoisseur: with countless assembly lines and factories explored, reveling in digitalizing and transforming them.
  • Two-wheeled adventurer: has pedaled through scenic routes from Berlin to Copenhagen, from Munich to Venice, and beyond.
  • Chasing new hobbies: the love for Node-RED turned into a professional adventure at FlowFuse.
Marian Demme
Product Manager
Photo of Yndira Escobar
  • Over 15 years of experience in graphic design and art direction
  • Successfully ran my own design studio for over five years
  • Enjoy traveling to new places, exploring different cuisines, and indulging in my love for watching series
Yndira Escobar
Visual Designer
Photo of Piotr Pawlowski
  • DevOps/Cloud Engineer with 10+ years of experience and solid background in Linux/Unix administration
  • Huge automation enthusiast, automate all the boring stuff around me
  • Dog lover, owner of Figa - 4 year old female beagle
Piotr Pawlowski
DevOps Engineer
Photo of Zack Wasli
  • 5+ years selling open-source software, from SDR to Enterprise
  • Digital nomad
  • Love outdoor sports and getting off-grid
Zack Wasli
Account Executive
Photo of Grey Dziuba
  • Former Automation Engineer, System Integrator, Techincal Marking Manager, and Solution Engineer. Using these experiences to guide the community and product team on real-world digital transformation.
  • That kid that took things apart.
  • Watches, 'How it's Made' for fun. Please take me on a plant tour!!!!!
Grey Dziuba
OT Data & Community Strategist
Photo of Hasmin AbdulCader
  • 18+ years marketing enterprise software
  • Worked primarily with B2B, open source, and tech start-ups
  • Despite living in the 'Land of the living skies' is yet to see the Northern Lights
Hasmin AbdulCader
Head of Demand Generation

Working at FlowFuse

Here are just some of the benefits enjoyed by our employees. We are always looking to improve and expand these too. You can read more about them in our Handbook.

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Company Values

We are full open about our company values, you can read more about them in our Handbook.

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Iterative Improvement
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Collaborative Community
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