FlowFuse for Data Integration

Data integration can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with multiple data formats, protocols, and sources. Our low code development environment, powered by Node-RED, allows anyone to collect data from multiple sources, apply the data, and update, store, and transmit data to a new service.

Challenges of Data Integration

Data comes from different sources, including internal IT systems (ERP, CRM, SCM), IoT devices, external data services (weather, foreign exchange, etc.)

Data is accessible in a wide variety of formats, including CSV files, REST Api, XML, YAML, MQTT.

Access to data is often gated by IT departments making it slow and timing consuming for departments to get access to new integrated data.

Data needs to be stored in different formats and databases.

Data needs to be visualized and communicated back to a user.

Why Node-RED is the Data Integration Solution

Accessible for Anyone

Node-RED’s low code visual environment makes it easy for non-programmers to integrate data from different sources without needing to know how to code. This enables all kinds of departments to work on their own data integration projects without requiring support from IT.

Real-Time Data Visualisation

Node-RED makes it easy to create real-time data visualizations and dashboards. This data can be filtered, transformed and analyzed through a Node-RED flow to get real-time insights into your business.

Support for Different Data Formats

Node-RED supports parsing a wide range of formats including: csv, html, json, xml and yaml. Additional data formats are available through the Node-RED library.

FlowFuse Improves Data Integration

Collaborative Development

FlowFuse makes it possible for teams to collaborate on the same Node-RED flows.

Team members can now share the same Node-RED instances to make for quicker and more efficient development of your Node-RED application.

Managed Node-RED Service

We run your Node-RED instances so you don’t have to worry about the production reliability of your Node-RED application.

Software Delivery Pipelines

FlowFuse allows you to create snapshots of Node-RED instances so you can create software delivery pipelines for development, test, and production. We enable you to revert to a previous version of a snapshot to rollback any changes.

Discover how FlowFuse can power your Data Integration.