FlowFuse Features

FlowFuse provides the features companies require to reliably deliver Node-RED applications to devices and cloud in a collaborative, secure manner.

Image depicting low-code programming.

Low-code Node-RED

Node-RED is at the core of the FlowFuse platform. The low-code visually programming environment is the development experience you enjoy when using FlowFuse. This includes having access to the sizeable community of Node-RED nodes for connecting with different protocols, hardware platforms, databases, services, and much more.

Image depicting scalable Node-RED.

Scalable and Reliable Node-RED Hosting

FlowFuse makes it possible to host Node-RED applications in a reliable and scalable manner.

  • The FlowFuse platform allows for multiple Node-RED applications to be run simultaneously on the platform.
  • Node-RED applications can be run in high availability mode to allow the applications to scale up to meet spikes in demand.
  • High availability mode also allows for failover of application traffic from a failed instance to another Node-RED instance thereby keeping the application running.
Image depicting data sharing and storage.

Data sharing and storage

FlowFuse adds to a Node-RED environment the ability to share information between instances and persistent data, including:

  • Persistent file storage allows Node-RED flows to read and write files from storage. These files can be shared between instances, persist beyond instance restarts and containers.
  • In-memory variables defined in a Node-RED flow can persist across instance restarts and upgrades.
  • New FlowFuse Project Nodes enable the passing of data and messages between your Node-RED projects, ideal for communicating between Node-RED instances deployed at the edge and Node-RED instances deployed in the cloud.
Image depicting edge management.

Remote device management at the edge

FlowFuse allows you to deploy and manage Node-RED instances out to edge devices. This allows you to deploy the exact same instance out to hundreds or thousands of edge devices and monitor their status.

  • Easy onboarding of new devices through an administrative UI or an automated process.
  • Management interface to monitor the status of your Node-RED deployment on each device.
  • Consistent deployment of Node-RED instance snapshots out to all of you devices that allow for quick deployment and redeployment of versions of flows.
  • The ability to remotely access the Node-RED editor on remote devices to debug, troubleshoot and correct production errors.

Centralized Instance Management

FlowFuse enables seamless management of multiple instances from a single platform, streamlining your development and coordination efforts.

Simplified Hosting and Maintenance

Experience ease of use with FlowFuse Cloud, handling all your hosting needs. Forget the complexities of maintaining your development environment; we've got it covered.

Software Delivery Pipelines and Version History

FlowFuse allows software development teams to establish software delivery pipelines that are common for teams that have embraced DevOps practices.

  • DevOps pipelines can be set up to stage Node-RED instances that have different development stages, ex. Test, development and production.
  • Snapshots of Node-RED instances can be taken to create a version history of the development work. Previous snapshot versions can be rolled back at any time.

Team Development

Node-RED team development is made possible with FlowFuse. Different development team members are able to share and collaborate on the same Node-RED instance. This makes for much easier collaboration between Node-RED developers.

  • Team membership and access control is controlled from a central administration console.
  • Role based access control allows for restrictions on what team members can access and do while using the FlowFuse platform.
Image depicting a team.

Security Built-in to your Node-RED instances

FlowFuse has built-in security for your Node-RED instances.

  • All Node-RED instances are accessed using TLS/SSL.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) allows for users to sign in to FlowFuse using an existing SAML identity provider.
  • Audit logs keep track of all changes that occur to a Node-RED instance and which user was responsible for the change.
Image depicting a lock.

Certified Nodes for Reliability and Security

FlowFuse offers a curated collection of certified nodes, ensuring top-notch quality, security, and support. Explore our certified nodes on the Certified Nodes Page and benefit from a robust ecosystem while maintaining operational reliability.

Image depicting certifying badge.

Ready to get started with FlowFuse?

Install FlowFuse on your own hardware for increased deployment flexibility. You can use the open source version of FlowFuse to install it on-premises and support the deployment yourselves. 

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