FlowFuse Handbook

This handbook contains all the information about how FlowFuse is run. It's a living set of documents - collectively we'll iterate on it as we learn and discover new things.

Whilst instinctively we want to be open in all we do, there will inevitably be content that is not appropriate to make public. That content is not shared in this handbook.

The handbook is here for the whole company to help maintain. Pull-requests are welcome and strongly encouraged.

How FlowFuse is run

To run our company we provide a comprehensive guide outlining policies, procedures, and expectations, fostering consistency, clarity, and effective communication within the organisation.


The core principles guiding and driving the whole company


The high level plan for our objectives at FlowFuse


The day to day operations, tactical bizzops


Humans aren't resources, so people ops


Increase signal, decrease noise.

How we build the product


Planning, scheduling, and where the product will be a year from now


How features are delivered with velocity and quality


How information is presented through UX/UI to users, prospects, and internally.


Keeping what's private private, and what needs protecting protected.

Bringing the built product to market


How we reach companies that can benefit from FlowFuse.

Customer Success

Happy customers is what makes FlowFuse a sustainable business.

About the Handbook

The FlowFuse handbook is inspired by the GitLab handbook. As an all-remote company, we share their rationale for having a handbook.

The aim is to avoid institutional knowledge building up inside our heads without also being written down for others to share. We could do that all on the internal Google Drive, but by publishing in the handbook it allows for an open and honest conversation about what we do.


The handbook is maintained on GitHub and contributions can be made through pull-requests. How to contribute is capture in a guide.