This section details how to engage with customers at FlowFuse and particularly how you should communicate with customers about FlowFuse, including a recommended demo script for showing how FlowFuse works.


Sales calls

For internal training purposes all sales calls should be recorded after getting explicit consent from the customer. On request of the customer, the recording will be shared.

Lead status

For leads who are MQLs or SQLs the Lead status field is used to mark what the status is. Even though they're beyond being a lead. This field is maintained by the primary contact owner, likely the account executive.

At this stage we're using the default set of status's in HubSpot:

Lead status When to use
New The contact in question has had only marketing contact (E-mails, etc).
Open In the stage where a contact is assigned to a Account exec, but no official connection has be made. Usually contacts are only in this stage for a short while.
Attempted to contact From the moment the AE reached out, until there's a reply from them.
Connected MQLs and SQL that have replied and engaged with FlowFuse.
In Progress After contact has been made, this status captures the nurturing process toward an opportunity.
Open Deal When a deal is on the board, and the opportunity is real, this is the status!
Unqualified Either this contact specifically cannot lead the sales process, or the account itself has been found unqualified.
Unresponsive We have not received a reply in 2 weeks, they are ghosting us.
Bad timing FlowFuse was, for whatever reason, not a great fit right now. However, it's potentially a good fit later.

From MQL to SQL - Qualifying questions

  1. Have you adopted Node-RED? If so, what have you built with Node-RED?
  2. How many Node Red instances do you have, and how many people are developing on Node-RED?
  3. Is Node-RED used in production?
  4. What are you looking to build in the next year with Node-RED?

From SQL to Opportunity

For each sales opportunity a clear answer for the customers needs and wants should be known. It boils down to the following questions:

Why change? What's the trigger to invest in FlowFuse and Node-RED?
Why now? Timeline is everything!
Why FlowFuse? What value does FlowFuse offer, what features are of most interest?

If, and only if, the answers are known and added as notes to HubSpot, an opportunity is added to the HubSpot deals board.

HubSpot Properties

Activation Outbound is a custom property that's set to Yes when the first meeting with the contact came through outbound drip campaigns or other outbound lead-gen actions. This property will be set to Yes when the contact was in HubSpot through other marketing activities too, but wasn't nurtured to the point of a meeting yet.

See also the stages each contact in HubSpot must go through.