FlowFuse maintains a catalogue of nodes from the community that we put through regular checks to ensure they are of high quality and standards for use by our customers.

The catalogue is maintained in the certified-nr-nodes(🔒) repository.

A daily GH action runs the audit process across all nodes and regenerates the catalogue.json file served to Node-RED instances within FlowFuse.

Proposing a new node to be included

  1. Raise an issue(🔒) with details of the node to be added.
  2. Assign the issue to the CTO (or in his absence, another member of the Engineering Team).

Adding a new node to the list

Full details on the technical process are provided in the certified-nr-nodes(🔒) readme.

  1. Perform due diligence on the module; how popular is it, is it well maintained, is there a backlog of open issues etc.
  2. Add the module to the list held in modules.json
  3. Run the audit locally to check the current state of the module. Review the results and assess whether we can accept it into the catalogue in its current state.
  4. Raise a PR with the updated module list and audit output for the module.
  5. Review the PR with the CTO/Engineering Team