Staging Environment

We have a staging environment running on AWS which is a scaled down replica of our managed FlowFuse offering, with a separate domain. Staging URL and sign in details can be found in the Developer Vault in 1Password.


Any change to core product repositories triggers a series of GitHub Actions that results in staging being updated with the latest code. This can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

The deploy action can be monitored here.

AWS Account

Access to the AWS account is restricted and not generally available. If you believe you have a need to access the AWS account, raise an Access/Permission Request issue and assign to the CTO for review.


Amazon SES is setup on staging however it is still running in sandbox mode which means only verified address & domains can RECEIVE emails from it, this is currently limited to email addresses and a small set of pre-approved disposable emails.

If you need to use another email address with staging then you should raise an issue in CloudProject and assign to the CTO for review.

If approved, the email will need to be added to the SES configuration in the AWS console.

Test Email accounts

We have enabled a small list of based email addresses for the purposes of short-lived testing of sign-up and user management.

The inboxes for these email addresses are publicly accessible if known, so the list is available on this private issue.

Using staging

When setting up a team you'll need to enter billing details. For credit card details, use the Stripe mock data.

As the staging cluster is purposefully smaller than production, please be mindful of deleting resources after use.