Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 - Project

The Node-RED Dashboard, a vital tool for creating live dashboards and user interfaces for Node-RED flows, is to be succeeded due to its reliance on the no-longer-maintained Angular v1. This outdated foundation presents potential security issues that cannot be addressed with mere patches. To counter this, FlowFuse has launched a new Version of the Dashbaord. It will maintain the core principles of open-source, community-driven development under the Apache 2.0 license, and is designed to safely usher the Node-RED community into the future of data visualization.

Release Cadence & Planning

We are committed to delivering high-quality, incremental updates to the Node-RED Dashboard 2.0. We follow Agile methodology, releasing features as soon as they're fully developed and tested.

We encourage contributions from the community, whether it's in the form of feature suggestions, code contributions, or bug reports. Our GitHub Dashboard Activity Tracker serves as the central hub for tracking progress and collaboration.


We adopted the open-core strategy, meaning all features from the former dashboard, along with other enhancements, will be available as described under the Apache 2.0 license. Additionally, an enterprise extension of the dashboard is offered, with features tailored to suit Personalised Multi-user Dashboards. See the release blogpost for more details. This arrangement acknowledges that individuals with higher positions within an organization often have unique needs and demands.