Core Values

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FlowFuse's Mission

FlowFuse will empower all engineers to innovate faster, by bringing the joy of software development to the world.

Achieving our Mission

At the core of FlowFuse is Node-RED, the Low-Code platform that allows many to build software with little or no coding knowledge. This enables anyone to be innovative and develop solutions to be successful in their respective roles. FlowFuse will only be successful if Node-RED becomes the default way to write software for hundreds of thousands of people. FlowFuse is, and will remain, the primary contributor to Node-RED. Our product is the best way to run Node-RED at any scale.

Furthermore, FlowFuse aims to make it a great experience to build, deploy, and maintain software -- especially for non-software engineers. Allowing complex things to be achieved. Two good examples are

  1. FlowFuse Dashboard - Allowing to build Dashboards and interactive applications
  2. Project-Link - Linking Edge devices to the Cloud, enabling broadcasts and point-to-point connections

A key differentiator for FlowFuse is our approach to licensing of our software. The core is open, free as in beer and as in speech. Our product is open for scrutany, usage, improvements, for the world. While there's a subset of the product proprietary licensed, the source is available to read. We believe that Open Source Software plays a key part in education, reducing vendor lock-in, and community building.

The market

Corporations that have many data sources with unpredictable structure.

The ideal lead has adopted Node-RED already and is in the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing (IIoT & Industry 4.0)
  2. Logistics
  3. Agriculture
  4. Building management
  5. Mining, Oil & Gas, and renewable energy

Due to the breadth of the Node-RED community and the industries they apply it in, FlowFuse does not qualify customers based on industry.