Our North Star

Core believe

By empowering a larger workforce to participate in automation an acceleration of digital transformation can be realized in manufacturing, agriculture, and other productive industries. This will lead to an increase in productivity.

FlowFuse is riding two waves:

  1. Companies need to accellerate their innovation.
  2. Digitalization is at the inflection point of implementation.

FlowFuse allows businesses to acquire, enrich, visualize, and build applications through a workforce already employed.

Our current (prospective) customers have already adopted Node-RED and need to professionalize their data streams and workflows. FlowFuse is the only company that can help them.

Our mission

FlowFuse exists to empower bottom-up innovation. We allow companies to professionalize their workflows to business critical applications.

Core Values

Please see our company values

The market

Corporations that have many data sources with unpredictable structure.

The ideal lead has adopted Node-RED already and is in the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing (IIoT & Industry 4.0)
  2. Logistics
  3. Agriculture
  4. Building management
  5. Mining, Oil & Gas, and renewable energy

Due the to breath of the Node-RED community and the industries they apply it in, FlowFuse does not qualify customers based on industry.

Execution on our believe and mission

We will only be successful if the Node-RED community is successful.

Drive the growth and success of the Node-RED project

Node-RED is at the core of what we do. It's the cornerstone for the company. Our success is fed by the success of the Node-RED ecosystem. Node-RED enables tens of thousands to create and maintain workflows and logic of both physical devices and digital services. Ensure their effectiveness grows, while new users are introduced to Node-RED is vital to the success of FlowFuse.

FlowFuse will drive the Node-RED project through:

  • Deliver features to the core of Node-RED that are stable and provide value to the community
  • Actively participate in the community to establish a positive reputation and level of engagement
  • Be model citizens for the open governance of the project. Our activities that impact the core are discussed and developed in the open.
  • Establish close relationships with other stakeholders of the project - those who have their own commercial interest in the success of the project. Encourage participation and engagement in the core project.
  • Driving adoption of Node-RED through our advocacy and our actions.

Become the standard way of running any Node-RED for professional usage

There's a wide range of deployment scenarios for applications built on Node-RED and FlowFuse aims to build a platform to help all businesses to be successful. FlowFuse will solve challenges unsolved by Node-RED and push Low-Code and the extensions of Node-RED beyond the current capabilities.

FlowFuse streamlines Node-RED for commercial use. On many levels FlowFuse helps organisations. By alleviating them of their operation burden and help scaling their Node-RED fleets, providing improved developer velocity, and ensure deployments are secure and abide by the compliance of the customer.

We believe this will make FlowFuse synonymous with Node-RED, and make it attractive to SMB users as well as enterprises.

Drive adoption of Node-RED in traditional industries

Traditional industrial businesses (producing atoms, not bits) are currently digitalizing their operations to optimize their margins. They are struggling to acquire data produced by their operations, enrich and combine data from sources, and lastly visualizing and interacting with that data. Their production facilities are a mix of legacy machinery and modern digital-ready machinery.

Companies adopting Node-RED and FlowFuse are unlikely to need to restaff or upskill their staffing to accelerate their digitalization efforts. The mass adoption of Node-RED by industrial companies creates an opportunity for FlowFuse to offer a platform which professionalizes the operation of their Node-RED applications.

Build an inclusive, high-performance team

As a new company that starts small but aspires to grow, we need to ensure that growth is well managed, sustainable and rewarding.

Our values help shape the culture we want to build, both inside the company and beyond.