Product Feedback

Product feedback provides invaluable insight into our product's strengths and areas for improvement. It forms the basis of our strategic product planning and the actions we undertake to refine our product. It's the voice of our customers, colleagues, and stakeholders, which serves as a guiding light to drive our innovation and adaptation. Feedback helps us ensure that we stay in tune with the evolving needs of our customers and the changing dynamics of the market, ultimately driving our product towards excellence and our company towards success.

FlowFuse is fortunate to have a community the size of the Node-RED community. The product organization should constantly be in touch with the community to understand their challenges, current solutions, and to learn why they have or haven't adopted FlowFuse.

Feedback Gathering

Feedback collection is a crucial part of our product management process, and there are various methods we use to ensure we gather a wide array of perspectives.

Customer calls

Direct communication with customers is one of the most valuable ways of gaining feedback. Customer calls provide us with rich, qualitative data, and allow us to probe deeper into issues, understanding not only what the problems are, but why they exist and how they impact the customer's experience.

For each call document all the learnings to share internally, to start; make a copy of this template and roughly follow the questions listed.

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn provides a valuable platform for gathering feedback. Creating polls on LinkedIn can provide us with quick, quantitative feedback on specific features or proposed changes. This method also helps us to reach out to a wider network that includes not just our customers, but also industry peers and influencers.

The Product Manager should set up a minimum of one poll every six months, to collect feedback based on the upcoming strategic issues.

GitHub Voting

By allowing users to vote on issues or proposed epics, we can gain insight into what changes or improvements are most demanded by the users. This democratic approach ensures we prioritize features that resonate most with our user base. Our website Roadmap page provides an overview of Epics that are currently under consideration.

Node-RED Community

We are privileged to be part of a vibrant community such as Node-RED, where our product organization can constantly learn and understand user challenges and solutions, as well as the reasons behind the adoption or non-adoption of FlowFuse. This ongoing communication is critical for our growth and improvement.

There are several ways we interact with the Node-RED community: