Customer department

The customer department is a collective within FlowFuse that primarily focusses on taking the FlowFuse platform to market.

What we do

  1. Marketing activities, like:
    1. Creating awareness
    2. Engaging with the Node-RED community
    3. Write content on how to use Node-RED with FlowFuse
  2. Engage with prospective customers to help them adopt FlowFuse
  3. Nurture current customers to be successful with FlowFuse
  4. General business administration; invoices, legal matters, etc.


Role Contributors
CEO ZJ @ZJvandeWeg
Account Executive Zack @zackwasli
Customer Success Manager Rob @robmarcer
Visual designer Yndira @Yndira-E
OT Data & Community Strategist Grey @gdziuba
Demand Gen Manager Hasmin AbdulCader

Contact us

Questions can be asked in the #dept-customer.

How we work


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