FlowFuse for Manufacturing

FlowFuse allows teams to automate their manufacturing process through customized, reliable applications.

FlowFuse streamlines manufacturing automation, from production monitoring to supply chain management. Our intuitive, customizable platform enables simple creation of custom solutions for unique manufacturing needs.

Hardware & Sensor Integration

FlowFuse simplifies connecting diverse hardware and sensors in manufacturing, enhancing data collection and analytics for informed decision-making and efficiency improvements.

Integrate OT and IT Data

Our platform unifies operational and information technology data, offering manufacturers a comprehensive view of production processes for improved efficiency.

Intuitive OT Data visualization

FlowFuse offers a visual interface for real-time monitoring and analysis of operational data, aiding in quick, data-driven decisions to optimize manufacturing operations.

Automate Event Triggers

With FlowFuse, automate event triggers to respond instantly to production line changes, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency.

High level architecture diagram showing how Node-RED can assist with data flow across a factory and manufacturing use-case

Enhancing Manufacturing with FlowFuse's DevOps Integration

FlowFuse elevates manufacturing by ensuring reliable and continuous delivery of applications. Our platform incorporates widely recognized DevOps concepts, fostering a collaborative and secure development environment.

Optimized Fleet Management & Monitoring

FlowFuse revolutionizes equipment and device monitoring in manufacturing. Our platform automates remote deployment and management, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in operations.

Collaborative Development Environment

Enhancing teamwork in development, FlowFuse allows multiple team members to co-create and streamline application development, increasing efficiency and cohesion.

Efficient Application Deployment

FlowFuse introduces structured DevOps pipelines, supporting various stages from development to production, to guarantee reliable, secure, and high-quality application delivery.

Dedicated Professional Support

FlowFuse provides expert support for your deployments, ensuring systems are consistently up-to-date and operationally continuous, backed by our professional guidance.


Flexible Deployment Options with FlowFuse

FlowFuse Cloud

The easiest way to start building Node-RED applications. No installation required! Simply sign up and gain immediate access to the editor.


Self managed

(on premise)

Run FlowFuse where you prefer; that's possible too! In your cloud of preference, or even on-site.


Edge device

Run Node-RED where the data is generated. Manage thousands of edge devices through the FlowFuse Device Agent.