About FlowFuse

FlowFuse was founded in 2021 by Nick O’Leary, co-creator of Node-RED, a renowned open-source development tool. Nick saw the potential to make Node-RED a powerful solution for industrial enterprises and FlowFuse was created to elevate Node-RED through a secure and scalable platform.

FlowFuse seamlessly integrates into existing industrial environments, offering an adaptable foundation for building bespoke applications. Our customers rely on FlowFuse to develop innovative applications that modernize their industrial operations creating the opportunity to improve their processes continuously.

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We are deeply committed to the success of the Node-RED open source project. FlowFuse dedicates significant resources to improving the core technology of the project and fostering the growth of the Node-RED community.

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Open Source

We believe strongly that Open Source is the heart of everything we do influencing not just our contributions to Node-RED but also the development of FlowFuse. We strive to be good Open Source citizens and to empower the community to get involved.

Corporate Values

As a remote-only company, FlowFuse seeks and fosters talent from Europe, North America, and Asia. Our corporate values encourage our team to continuously iterate using constructive candor to prioritize customer empathy.

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