About FlowFuse

FlowFuse was founded in 2021 by Nick O’Leary, co-creator of Node-RED. The goal of FlowFuse was to create a platform around Node-RED that makes it easier to adopt Node-RED at scale and integrate into existing enterprise environments.

Today, companies are turning to the FlowFuse platform to meet their needs for a reliable, scalable, and secure environment for deploying Node-RED applications. Our customers rely on Node-RED in their production environments to develop innovative applications that revolutionize their corporate operations.

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We are deeply committed to the success of the Node-RED open source project. Our team dedicates significant effort to developing the core technology of the project and fostering the growth of the Node-RED community. As a result, Node-RED has become a widely embraced low-code visual programming environment, particularly for IoT and enterprise applications.

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Open Source

We believe strongly that Open Source lives at the heart of everything we do - both in our work to push the Node-RED project forward as well as our own FlowFuse platform.

We strive to be good Open Source citizens and want to empower the community to get involved.

Corporate Values

As a remote-only company, FlowFuse brings together talented professionals from Europe, North America, and Asia. Our corporate values drive our team to focus on achieving results, continuous iterative improvements, fostering a collaborative community, encouraging constructive candor, and prioritizing customer empathy.

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