Device Management for Node-RED Deployments

Companies often deploy Node-RED to edge devices (equipment, gateways, PLCs, etc.) to monitor and collect data from these devices. How to manage deployments to a large number of devices can be a challenge. Luckily, FlowFuse makes it possible to manage Node-RED deployments out to fleets of devices in a secure and reliable manner.

Manage Hundreds of Devices

FlowFuse allows you to manage hundreds of devices that all run the same Node-RED instance. The FlowFuse device agent is deployed to each device to handle the synchronization of the future updates to the Node-RED instances. From a central console, you can now see the status of your devices and manage Node-RED deployments in a reliable and repeatable process.

Effortless Data Streaming

Streaming device data to the cloud can be a complicated due to network configuration setup. FlowFuse Project Nodes hide this complexity within custom nodes that transparently establish an MQTT connection between the device and the FlowFuse platform. Data streaming from a device can now be setup with a simple Node-RED flow. No configuration of IP address, domain name, certificates or firewalls is required for the device.

Consistent Deployment of Instances

FlowFuse allows you to create Snapshots of your Node-RED flows that can then be deployed out to all your registered devices. From a central console, a single snapshot can be deployed out to a group of devices. This gives you the peace of mind that all your devices are running the same version of your Node-RED flows.

Quick to Deploy Security Updates

The quick deployment of security updates and new versions for Node-RED is important for the overall security of your system. FlowFuse's device management capability makes it easy to re-host your Node-RED flows on a new version of Node-RED and then deploy it out to your devices.

Remote Troubleshooting

If a production error occurs on a device, FlowFuse allows you to remotely debug the running Node-RED instance on the devices. This makes it much easier to identify and resolve production issues that might occur.

Easy Onboarding

New devices can be onboarded to FlowFuse through a adminstrative interface or an automated process. The automated process allows for groups of devices to connect with FlowFuse without operator involvement.

Contact us to discover how FlowFuse can help manage your Node-RED device deployments.