FlowFuse for Edge Device Management

FlowFuse simplifies the management of deployments to edge devices in manufacturing, from equipment to PLCs. Our platform ensures secure and reliable handling of large-scale deployments, overcoming the challenges of extensive device management.

Scaleable Device Management

Efficiently manage vast fleets of devices with FlowFuse. Our device agent ensures synchronized updates across all devices, while our central console provides seamless status monitoring and reliable deployment management.

Effortless Data Streaming

FlowFuse makes data streaming to the cloud painless, removing the hassle of network configurations. Our custom nodes facilitate effortless MQTT connection between the device and the FlowFuse platform, removing the need for complex setup. No configuration of IP address, domain name, certificates or firewalls required.

Consistent Deployment Assurance

Create and distribute consistent Node-RED snapshots across your devices with FlowFuse. Our central console ensures uniform deployment, maintaining version consistency across your network.

Rapid Security Deployment

FlowFuse provides expert support for your deployments, ensuring systems are consistently up-to-date and operationally continuous, backed by our professional guidance.

Remote Troubleshooting

Identify and resolve production issues remotely with FlowFuse's debugging capabilities. This feature significantly eases troubleshooting of Node-RED instances on devices.

Easy Onboarding

Easily integrate new devices into FlowFuse through our administrative interface or automated processes. This allows for hassle-free connection of multiple devices without manual intervention.

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