FlowFuse Dashboard for Node-RED

Build visually appealing and useful UIs in minutes!

FlowFuse Dashboard

FlowFuse Dashboard is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create beautiful and functional dashboards within Node-RED, the leading open-source low-code platform for wiring together a variety of data endpoints. Whether you're a long-time user or just getting started with Node-RED, FlowFuse Dashboard makes it easy to visualize and interact with your data like never before.

Much like the original Dashboard, FlowFuse Dashboard provides a set of easy-to-use, core nodes, but also provides complete flexibility for customization and control over theming, layout and behavior. 

Empowering Anyone to Build Full-Stack Applications

  • Effortless Development

    FlowFuse Dashboard's intuitive interface allows you to drag-and-drop widgets, buttons, and other elements to create rich dashboards without writing a single line of code. This significantly reduces development time and empowers non-technical users to build powerful applications.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Go beyond simple data visualization. FlowFuse Dashboard lets you create interactive dashboards with features like buttons and user-specific views. This empowers users to explore data, filter results, and take actions directly within the dashboard.

  • Extensible Ecosystem

    Node-RED actively fosters a growing community of developers. This means a constantly expanding library of widgets and nodes, ensuring you have the tools you need to build any dashboard you can imagine.

  • Flexible deployment with FlowFuse

    With FlowFuse you can deploy FlowFuse Dashboard along with enterprise-grade features on the cloud or on-premises. This ensures a smooth and efficient development experience, for a high-performance and scalable solution.

Unlock Your Full Potential with FlowFuse

FlowFuse ensures your Dashboard applications are protected from the moment you deploy, with trustworthy security out of the box.

Easy integration with FlowFuse Devices makes building out applications to monitor and control hardware a breeze.

With FlowFuse's User Addon, you can also build personalized Dashboards for each of your users, providing bespoke user experiences and data visualizations.

Easily migrate from Dashboard 1.0 to FlowFuse Dashboard

Get started quickly with your new FlowFuse Dashboard. This migration service will automatically convert your original Node-RED Dashboard flows, and make them FlowFuse Dashboard-ready.

Drag a flow.json file containing Node-RED Dashboard 1.0 nodes here.

or, click here to choose a file.

Note, this service is designed to help you get started with migration of your flow, and cannot automatically migrate the full flow over to FlowFuse Dashboard.

Currently, we support the automatic conversion of the following nodes: ui_tab, ui_link, ui_group, ui_text, ui_text_input, ui_slider, ui_switch, ui_form, ui_dropdown, and ui_button. You can find out more details here.