FlowFuse Documentation

FlowFuse adds to Node-RED; collaborative development, management of remote deployments, support for DevOps delivery pipelines, and the ability to host Node-RED applications on FlowFuse. FlowFuse is the DevOps platform for Node-RED application development and delivery.

FlowFuse User Manuals

Device Agent

The Device Agent allows you to manage Node-RED instances running on remote Devices. A Device runs a software agent that connects back to FlowFuse in order to receive updates.

FlowFuse Cloud

FlowFuse Cloud is our hosted service allowing users to sign-up and start creating Node-RED instances without having to install and manage their own instance of FlowFuse.

  • Network Connections - Details what connections can and cannot be established to Node-RED instances running in FlowFuse Cloud.
  • Single Sign On - FlowFuse supports configuring SAML-based Single Sign-On for particular email domains. Contact us to configure for your team.
  • Billing - find out how we've configured FlowFuse for FlowFuse Cloud.

FlowFuse Self-Hosted

You can run the FlowFuse platform for yourself. This guide will help you get setup in no time.

How to get support?

Contributing to FlowFuse

  • Useful Information - Learn the foundational concepts of how FlowFuse is built & structured.
  • Development Setup - Configure your local development environment to contribute to FlowFuse.
  • Testing - Understand our testing philosophy at FlowFuse.