User management

User registration

Depending on where FlowFuse is installed, users should or should not be allowed to sign up for the service. User registration can be configured in the admin panel. Go to "Admin Settings" > "Settings" and select or deselect "Allow new users to register on the login screen".

Creating new users

To add new users to the platform go to "Admin Settings" > "Users" and click the "New User" button. Fill out the form, and provide the new user with their password.

To require users to change their password the next time they log in, use the "Expire Password" option on the "Edit User" dialog.

Deleting a user

Users can only be removed if they are not the sole owners of any teams.

As such they must either delete their teams first or ensure their teams have alternative owners. They can either do this themselves or an Admin do it for them.

They can then be removed via the "Edit User" dialog in the Admin view.