Shared Team Library

Node-RED allows you to import and export flows and functions to a local library. This is helpful for saving pieces of flow that you want to reuse.

With FlowFuse Premium, each Node-RED instance has access to a Team Library that makes it very easy to share flows and functions without having to manually copy them around.

For example, you may have a standard set of flows that you want each Node-RED instance to include. By exporting them to the Team Library, you can quickly import them wherever you want to use them.

A short video is available on how to use this feature.

Exporting flows

To export flows to the library within the Node-RED editor:

  1. Select the nodes to be included
  2. Open the Export Dialog (Main Menu -> Export, or Ctrl/Cmd-E)
  3. Select the Team Library tab
  4. Enter a name for the library entry
  5. Click Export

Importing flows

To import flows within the Node-RED editor:

  1. Open the Import Dialog (Main Menu -> Import, or Ctrl/Cmd-I)
  2. Select the 'Team Library' tab
  3. Select the flow to import
  4. Click Import
  5. Place the imported nodes within your flows

Viewing Team Library

It is possible to explore your Team Library within FlowFuse by clicking "Library" in your Team options.

You can inspect the contents of any .json flow file, or .js function file here too.