First-run Setup

Following a successful install, you will be able to access the platform to go through the initial setup.

1. Start setup

- LocalFS

Open FlowFuse in your browser http://localhost:3000.

- Docker or Kubernetes

Open FlowFuse in your browser (Change to match the domain you set up in DNS)

Click the START SETUP button

2. Create an Administrator

The first user you create will be an Administrator. They will have full access to the platform, be able to set platform-wide configuration and manage users and teams.

Note: with the 0.3 release, it is possible to reset your password if you have email configured and enabled the user:reset-password option in Admin settings. Otherwise, make sure you make a note of the password you set. We will provide tools to manage passwords outside of the platform in a future release.

3. Upload a license

FlowFuse Community Edition is Open Source and can be used freely without a license.

If you have a FlowFuse Enterprise Edition license you can upload it here.

4. Platform Options

There are some runtime configuration options that can be configured at this stage.

Anonymous usage statistics

To help us understand how the project is being used, we gather high level anonymous usage information from running instances.

The Administrator can opt-out of this feature.

5. Finish setup

Once you complete the setup, you will be able to log in as the Administrator user you created and start using the platform. You can setup your Team and create your first Node-RED instance.

More information about using the FlowFuse platform is available in the main user guide.