FlowFuse Platform API

The platform provides a REST API that makes it possible to create integrations and custom workflows.

The API comes with an OpenAPI 3.0 Specification that can be viewed here, or on any FlowFuse instance on the path /api/.

Accessing the API

To make use of the API you will need a valid Access Token. Tokens can be generated for a user under the Security section of the User Settings page.

Tokens Settings Page

Tokens can be set to have a limited life or unlimited and can be revoked by deleting the token from the list. Tokens with an expiry date will be deleted once they reach that date.

Be aware that the token value will only be displayed once, at creation time, there is no way to recover the token after this point.

Currently, all routes require a valid token to be included in the request.

The tokens are passed using the Authorization header as a Bearer token.

For example, the following will get a list of the token owner's teams:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ffpat_d4vZlLhCN8muyFUi6UsquLj47H2aTDkDpvxBUf5Ea" \

When sending data to the API, requests must set the Content-Type header to application/json.

For example, the following will update the name of the team with an id of mNYLkklLAG:

curl -X PUT \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer ffpat_d4vZlLhCN8muyFUi6UsquLj47H2aTDkDpvxBUf5Ea" \
     -d '{"name": "My Development Team"}' \