ctrlX Device Agent App

Currently not available - will be available soon

Installation Procedure

  1. In the ctrlX CORE web interface, navigate to the window SettingsApps.

  2. Switch the ctrlX device to the Service mode.

  3. In the app overview, navigate to the category Available apps. This category displays all apps saved in the app storage on the ctrlX device and all apps provided via the ctrlX Store.

  4. Search for the FlowFuse Device Agent ctrlX App to be installed and click on the Installation button. If multiple app versions are provided for installation, a list of available versions and app sources will be displayed. In this case, select the desired app version from the list to start the installation. If only one app version is provided, the installation will start directly. After the installation, the app will be shown in the app overview, under the category Installed apps.

  5. Switch the ctrlX device back to the Operating mode.

Device Agent Configuration for ctrlX

  1. After successful installation, generate and download the "Device Credentials" in FlowFuse

  2. In the ctrlX CORE web interface, navigate to the window SettingsAppsManage App Data

  3. Select the folder "FlowFuse Device Agent"

  4. Click on upload file and select the device.yml configuration from step 1

  5. The Device Agent connects automatically to your FlowFuse instance. Ensure your ctrlX has a network connection to your FlowFuse platform (e.g. FlowFuse Cloud) and to the npmjs registry.