Payment Methods

We will accept payments via credit or debit card only using Stripe as our payment provider. All payments are processed in US Dollars.

Team Billing

Each team has its own billing subscription that includes charges for the Node-RED instances and Devices owned by the team.

Billing Cycle

Starter plan teams are billed monthly on the anniversary of the team creation. You will receive one bill for each team.

For Team plan teams, Node-RED Instances and Devices are added as pro-rated charges on the current billing cycle and invoiced at the end of the cycle.

Removing Instances

For Team plan teams, when a Node-RED instance is deleted your account will receive pro-rated credit for the time remaining in the billing cycle.

Suspended Instances

Suspended Node-RED instances have no running editor, nor a runtime. You are not charged for suspended instances.

For Team plan teams, when an instance is suspended your account will receive pro-rated credit for the time remaining in the billing cycle. When an instance is restarted it will be charged for the remaining time in the billing cycle.

Managing Billing Details

Click on "Billing" followed by "Stripe Customer Portal" to get a summary of the team's current subscription. You'll be redirected to a Stripe customer portal where you can update customer details as: The credit card on file and the billing information.

Failed Payments

If your payment fails for any reason you will receive a notification to the billing email address, you may need to login and update the card on file. Stripe will retry the payment several times over a number of days. If the card repeatedly fails your Node-RED instances will be suspended and a banner will be displayed at the top of the page for all users. An admin will need to update your card details to be able to create new instances or restart them.

Cancelling your subscription

When you're on the Starter tier you'll need to delete your team to cancel your subscription. For the Team and Enterprise tiers, you're charged on active cloud instances and edge devices. To stop being charged it suffices to suspend all Cloud Node-RED instances and remove all edge devices from the team.

If you have outstanding credit you can request a refund via a support ticket.