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What is Node-RED?

Graphics depicting low-code programming.
Flow Based Programming

Node-RED’s visual programming makes it easy for non-developers to build robust applications.

Graphics depicting connectivity and integration.
Digital Services Integration

Node-RED facilitates seamless integration with a wide array of digital services, including protocols (OPC-UA, Modbus, Siemens S7), databases, APIs, and devices.

Graphics depicting low-code visualisation.
Data Visualization

Node-RED Dashboard makes it easy to visualize your data in charts that integrate directly with actions and events that respond to the data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Node-RED used for?
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What language is Node-RED?
How can I get started using Node-RED?
What port number does Node-RED use?
How can I secure a Node-RED installation?
How is Node-RED used in IoT?

Flexible Deployment Options with FlowFuse

Run and manage Node-RED where it's most helpful for your business

FlowFuse Cloud

The easiest way to start building Node-RED applications. No installation required! Simply sign up and gain immediate access to the editor.


Self managed

(on premise)

Run FlowFuse where you prefer; that's possible too! In your cloud of preference, or even on-site.


Edge device

Run Node-RED where the data is generated. Manage thousands of edge devices through the FlowFuse Device Agent.