The Ultimate Beginner Guide to a Professional Node-RED

Node-RED is the easiest low-code programming environment used to develop anything from manufacturing automation to data integration and device management. The applications are endless, enabling developers and non-developers to connect a wide variety of endpoints, such as industrial PLCs, APIs, databases, enterprise applications and online services.

This ebook will take you through the history of Node-RED, an in-depth look at its key features, and how you can get started. It is a good entry point for anyone interested in learning more about this popular integration software and making citizen development a reality in your enterprise.

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Table of Contents
  • History of Node-RED
  • Getting Started with Node-RED
  • Node-RED Core Nodes
  • Formatting your Node-RED Flows
  • Capturing Data from Edge Devices
  • Data Visualization with Dashboards
  • Securing Node-RED