Bespoke, flexible, and resilient manufacturing applications

FlowFuse and Node-RED allows your engineers to deliver
fast, low-cost, low-code manufacturing applications.

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Why FlowFuse and Node-RED

What is Node-RED?
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Access and transform any data, over any protocol

Getting access to data from your operations is key to the start of a digital transformation. Node-RED makes it easy to access and transform data over any protocol.

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Build bespoke solutions that fits like a glove

Off the shelf solutions never work out of the box. Build solutions leveraging the power of Node-RED.

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Manage and configure Node-RED at scale

FlowFuse manages the deployment  and configuration of all your Node-RED instances from a common platform. FlowFuse automates the process of creating snapshots of Node-RED instances that can be deployed to multiple target edge devices.

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Allow teams of citizen developers to innovate

Anyone can be a citizen developer using Node-RED to create innovative solutions to their problems. FlowFuse allows teams of citizen developers to collaborate on the same Node-RED flow.

Image depicting a pipeline of Node-RED instances

Reliable Node-RED application delivery

FlowFuse creates a reliable application delivery environment that simplifies the software development lifecycle for Node-RED. Using our DevOps delivery pipelines to support a development, test and production environment to ensure reliable Node-RED application delivery.

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Security compliance for Node-RED

FlowFuse provides the role based access control to Node-RED flows that is essential for common security compliance. All developers using FlowFuse require a username and password that grants them access rights to specific Node-RED flows.

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Professional Support for Node-RED deployments

FlowFuse is the trusted partner for providing professional support for business critical applications, built on Node-RED. Our experts can help with any challenge, ensuring that your Node-RED applications are running smoothly and securely. We keep your systems up-to-date with the latest versions of Node-RED and security updates, ensuring the continuity of your operations.

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