Installing FlowFuse

FlowFuse can be installed on most Linux distributions, Windows, and MacOS.

It provides three models for how to run and manage the individual Node-RED instances it creates. Choosing the right model is important based on how you plan to use the platform.

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One-Click Docker Installer

See also the Digital Ocean Step by Step Manual

See also the AWS Step by Step Manual

Deployment Models

Model Description
Local Runs the Node-RED instances on the same machine running the core FlowFuse application. The instances are exposed on different TCP ports. This is intended for smaller deployments, such as for evaluation, or personal use.
Docker Run the platform in a Docker Compose based environment.
Kubernetes Run the platform in a full Kubernetes based environment.

If you are just getting started with FlowFuse and want to evaluate what it can do, we recommend starting with the Local model.

Upgrading FlowFuse

If you are upgrading FlowFuse, please refer to the Upgrade Guide for any specific actions required.

Do You Need Help? Installation Service

If you need assistance, request our complimentary Installation Service, and we will help you install FlowFuse.