Platform Monitoring

FlowFuse provides an API end-point that can be used to monitor statistical information about the platform.

The end-point is accessible to any logged-in Admin user at the url (replace with the domain of your FlowFuse instance)


By default, it returns a JSON object containing key statistics such as the number of users, instances, and other information.

If the accept header of the http request includes application/openmetrics-text then the response is formatted as OpenMetrics text. This can be directly consumed by tools such as Prometheus.

Enabling token-based access

In Admin Settings there is an option to allow token-based access to platform statistics.

When enabled, the platform will generate an access token that can be used to access the end-point without having a full Admin login. This is useful when configuring tools such as Prometheus to monitor the platform.

  1. Under Admin Settings -> General, check the 'allow token-based access' option
  2. A dialog is shown containing the token. This is the only time the token will be shown - make sure you record its value.

The token should be provided as a bearer token in any http request to the end-point;

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN'