Node-RED Core Nodes

In Node-RED, the core nodes are the set of nodes that are included with the Node-RED runtime by default without the node install procedure. These nodes are maintained and supported by the Node-RED development team and are intended to provide the basic building blocks for creating Node-RED flows.

Core nodes include nodes for basic functionality like input/output, processing, and control flow. They are the foundation upon which more complex workflows can be built, and they are essential to the operation of Node-RED.

The nodes are grouped in a few sections in the nodes sidebar:

  1. common - miscellaneous nodes
  2. function - Control flow, blocking or sending additional messages.
  3. network - Receive and send messages over the network on different protocols.
  4. sequence - Working with collections of messages, or creating them.
  5. parser - transforming data from one format to another.
  6. storage - for reading or writing files.