Node Documentation

Creates sequences of messages based on various rules.


There are three modes for creating message sequences:

Number of messages
groups messages into sequences of a given length. The overlap option specifies how many messages at the end of one sequence should be repeated at the start of the next sequence.
Time interval
groups messages that arrive within the specified interval. If no messages arrive within the interval, the node can optionally send on an empty message.
Concatenate Sequences
creates a message sequence by concatenating incoming sequences. Each message must have a msg.topic property and a property identifying its sequence. The node is configured with a list of topic values to identify the order sequences are concatenated.

Storing messages

This node will buffer messages internally in order to work across sequences. The runtime setting nodeMessageBufferMaxLength can be used to limit how many messages nodes will buffer.

If a message is received with the msg.reset property set, the buffered messages are deleted and not sent.