The Link In and Link Out nodes are used to help Node-RED developers to organize their flows to make them easier to understand. The Link nodes can be used to connect two sets of Nodes but the connection is only shown when one of the nodes is selected. This allows developers to group nodes together that complete a specific function. The Link node will connect two groups together but visually it isn't apparent until one of the nodes is selected.


Connecting two groups of nodes

Node Documentation

Create virtual wires between flows.


The node can be connected to any link out node that exists on any tab. Once connected, they behave as if they were wired together.

The wires between link nodes are only displayed when a link node is selected. If there are any wires to other tabs, a virtual node is shown that can be clicked on to jump to the appropriate tab.

Note: Links cannot be created going into, or out of, a subflow.