Node Documentation

Writes msg.payload to a file, either adding to the end or replacing the existing content. Alternatively, it can delete the file.


filename string
The name of the file to be updated can be provided in the node configuration, or as a message property. By default it will use msg.filename but this can be customised in the node.
encoding string
If encoding is configured to be set by msg, then this optional property can set the encoding.


On completion of write, input message is sent to output port.


Each message payload will be added to the end of the file, optionally appending a newline (\n) character between each one.

If msg.filename is used the file will be closed after every write. For best performance use a fixed filename.

It can be configured to overwrite the entire file rather than append. For example, when writing binary data to a file, such as an image, this option should be used and the option to append a newline should be disabled.

Encoding of data written to a file can be specified from list of encodings.

Alternatively, this node can be configured to delete the file.