Node-RED Learning Resources

Node-RED, the low-code visual programming platform, is becoming increasingly popular for optimizing and automating industrial processes. Enabling the integration of different hardware devices, API services, and technologies, it's exceptionally suited for a variety of industrial IoT applications.

Here you will find all the resources you need to help you get started with Node-RED, understand Node-RED Core Nodes, familiarize yourself with terminologies, and tutorials on integrating Node-RED with different databases, technologies, and protocols. Additionally, we cover how to run Node-RED on various hardware platforms.

Note: We will be continuously adding new topics of content so be sure to bookmark and check back in.

Common Terminology

A good starting point is understanding the common terms used in Node-RED. You should be able to confidently navigate through most Node-RED-related resources and participate in Node-RED forum discussions.

Node-RED Common Terminologies

Core Nodes

This section includes detailed documentation for each Node-RED core node, from configuration to use in real-world applications with examples.

Core Nodes

Hardware Devices

In this section, you will find tutorials on setting up Node-RED on different hardware devices. Each tutorial covers configuration, practical demos and troubleshooting tips.

Setting Up Node-RED on Different Hardware

Peripheral Devices

This section includes step-by-step documentation on integrating Node-RED with various peripheral devices such as webcams, barcode scanners, printer, mic and more.

Integrating Node-RED with Peripheral Devices


This section includes tutorials on how to use different databases with Node-RED. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions along with practical examples. We cover a variety of databases such as SQL, NoSQL, and time-series databases.

Node-RED Database Integration Guides

Communication Protocols

This section includes comprehensive tutorials on how to use different protocols with Node-RED for building applications, communicating with edge devices, and more. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions along with practical demos.

Using Different Protocols for Building Applications with Node-RED

Integration Technologies

In this section you will find tutorials on how to utilize various technologies with Node-RED, such as implementing webhooks for task automation, creating REST APIs, GraphQL integrations, and more.

Using Different Technologies for Building Applications with Node-RED

Notification Services

In this section, we cover how to integrate various notification services with Node-RED to send real-time alerts and notifications. It includes step-by-step guides along with troubleshooting tips.

Notification Services in Node-RED