Node-RED Editor Palette

The Palette is the left sidebar that contains all available nodes, including core nodes and third-party nodes that are installed.

Image showing Node-RED Palette Search bar

Located at the top of the Palette, the search bar allows you to quickly find nodes by their name.

Node Categories

Image showing Node-RED Palette Node Categories

The palette is divided into several categories, each containing collections of nodes. When you install a third-party node, it may create a new category. Subflows are categorized under "Subflows".

You can collapse or expand categories by clicking on the specific category.

Collapse All Categories

Image showing Node-RED Palette collapse and expand button

At the bottom of the palette, you'll find two arrow icons. Clicking on the first up arrow icon will collapse all categories.

Expand All Categories

Clicking on the down arrow icon will expand all categories back as default.

Toggle Palette

Image showing Node-RED Palette toggle palette button

Clicking this button hides the palette sidebar. To show it again, click on the button once more.