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Converts between an XML string and its JavaScript object representation, in either direction.


payloadobject | string
A JavaScript object or XML string.
options object
This optional property can be used to pass in any of the options supported by the underlying library used to convert to and from XML. See the xml2js docs for more information.


payloadobject | string
  • If the input is a string it tries to parse it as XML and creates a JavaScript object.
  • If the input is a JavaScript object it tries to build an XML string.


When converting between XML and an object, any XML attributes are added as a property named $ by default. Any text content is added as a property named _. These property names can be specified in the node configuration.

For example, the following XML will be converted as shown:

<p class="tag">Hello World</p>
  "p": {
    "$": {
      "class": "tag"
    "_": "Hello World"