Bringing AI to Node-RED with FlowFuse Assistant

Join us for this live webinar on infusing Node-RED with AI within FlowFuse.

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In this webinar, FlowFuse CTO and Node-RED creator Nick O'Leary will show how AI is being brought into the Node-RED world within FlowFuse.

There's no denying the place AI has in the software development world. From helping developers create their applications, to making the applications themselves smarter, AI is a trend that isn't going away soon.

In this webinar, Nick O'Leary will explore both of these topics and how they apply to Node-RED.

On the development side, he'll introduce our new FlowFuse Assistant, bringing the power of AI into the heart of the Node-RED editor.

The FlowFuse Assistant will let you tell it what you want your Function nodes to do, and it will suggest the code needed to do it - accelerating your application development.

He will also look at how Node-RED applications can be enhanced with the power of AI - using Machine Learning models to bring real-time object detection to a camera feed.

In this interactive session, Nick will show how AI is an ideal compliment to the low-code development process and how FlowFuse is unlocking its potential.

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