What we all do

We're the team that promotes our company and product of FlowFuse to the core audience of FlowFuse. This includes:

  1. Generating brand awareness.
  2. Publishing high-quality content such as blog posts, video, and infographics.
  3. Engaging with the Node-RED and nascent FlowFuse communities
  4. Event planning, such as trade shows
  5. Growth hacking; always be innovating when finding the audience and engaging with them in a cost effective way.

The ultimate goal for the department is to generate MQLs for the sales or sign ups for FlowFuse Cloud.


Role Contributors
CEO ZJ @ZJvandeWeg
Visual Designer Yndira Escobar @Yndira-E
OT Data & Community Strategist Grey Dziuba @gdziuba
Demand Gen Manager Hasmin AbdulCader

Contact us

Questions can be asked in the #dept-customer.

Blog How to write new content for the FlowFuse Blog
Social Media Our online presence and how we engage with our community on various platforms
Hubspot How we use our CRM
Trade shows How to get the most out of visiting a trade fair
Videos To produce quality content in video, follow these guidelines
Website How to contribute to the FlowFuse marketing website
Webinars Webinars are a key way FlowFuse interacts with the Node-RED community.
Boiler Plate The marketing boilerplate
Emails How to engage with customers through email