Marketing Email

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with community members, potential customers, and existing customers. Marketing, sales, customer success, and support all have a role in sending emails.

The following guidelines are meant to document the roles and responsibilities of sending emails to ensure we have a consistent and well defined approach.

Types of Email

Transactional email with prospective customers and current customers

The sales team, customer success, and support team will be required to send email to communicate with specific potential customers and customers. These types of email are typically between the FlowFuse employee and an individual customer to accomplish a task or transaction. For instance, handling a support request or further a sales process.

These types of email should be stored in HubSpot using the HubSpot interface or the HubSpot Chrome plugin. The goal should be that all transactional email is associated with the contact in Hubspot to have an history of the interaction.

Community email

The marketing team is responsible for sending email to all community members, potential customers and customers that provide updates on FlowFuse and events organized by FlowFuse. Examples of these email include monthly newsletter, webinar promotion, product release, major company announcements, etc.

These types of emails should be sent via HubSpot. To ensure consistency and continuity, the marketing team should be the only team sending community emails via HubSpot. Anyone can request an email to be sent by opening a GitHub issue on the website repository.

FlowFuse Cloud User emails

The marketing team, in collaboration with the customer success team, is responsible for defining and creating an email campaign to encourage the successful usage and adoption of FlowFuse Cloud.

These emails will be sent from HubSpot using data based on the user interaction with FlowFuse Cloud. A system has been put in place to query the FF Cloud database to create events that are added to HubSpot. HubSpot workflows will trigger the emails based on these events.

The expectation is that the marketing and customer success team will continuously test different types of email, and email content to improve the conversion rate of the trial period and adoption of FlowFuse Cloud.

FlowFuse Cloud Trial emails should only be sent by the marketing team via HubSpot. Requesting changes to these emails is done by opening a GitHub issue on the website repository.