Holiday and Leave

Logging time off

When taking more than 3 days off consecutively, tell (don't ask) your manager. This ensure scheduling of work and operations continue to run smoothly without you. When taking over 2 weeks of consecutively seek approval from your manager.

Before you can take time off you should always:

  • Log your time off in Deel
  • Add an 'Out of office' appointment in your personal Google Calendar, and decline all meetings automatically.
  • Add an event to the shared 'FlowFuse Team Events' calendar showing all the days you will not be working. This makes it easier for our team to understand who is going to be away each week.
  • Inform fellow team members of your time off, and hand over work that's distributed.

Holiday Policy

FlowFuse has a unlimited time off policy. Taking vacation is encouraged for all team members. To prevent an undefined number of vacation days to start a race to the bottom, we recommend each team member to take a minimum of 25 days a year, and at least 5 days a quarter.

Sick leave

Sick leave, or having limited availability is not recorded currently. Keep your manager updated on your health, and let them know what FlowFuse can do for you to aid in your recovery.

Please log the days you're out in the team calendar so the rest of the company understands you're unavailable.

Parental Leave

If you live in a country where a statutory Parental Leave benefit is available, you will be required to claim statutory Parental Leave pay (if you are eligible).

Any employee can take up to 6-weeks if they wish without requiring manager approval. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks, but recognise it's a personal choice to make. Further leave can be requested, but should be discussed with your manager. Inform your manager of the expected new family member at least 16 weeks before the due date to qualify to the extended parental leave.

If you live in a country that offers statutory leave longer than this, then FlowFuse will abide by this.

Bereavement Leave

Our company understands the profound impact that the loss of a loved one can have on an employee, and we are committed to supporting our team members during these difficult times. Therefore, FlowFuse has a bereavement leave policy. Employees who experience the death of an immediate family member, such as a spouse, child, parent, or sibling, are eligible for up to five consecutive days of paid leave.