Design Thinking

At FlowFuse, we practice Design Thinking when considering our UI design and wider decisions influencing the overall user experience of FlowFuse.

Design Thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

-- Design Thinking, Interaction Design Foundation

As designers and developers, empathising with our users will lead to a better product. When proposing new feature ideas, concepts and changes to existing UX, arguments should always be considered from the perspective of our users.

Whilst most of the output from our Design Thinking workshops and sessions can be found within FigJam, we have also written up some of our Design Thinking Findings to the Handbook.

User Personas

Personas are fictional characters that represent the different users we expect to interact with FlowFuse as a brand and/or platform. At FlowFuse, we have many personas that will evolve over time, we have written up some of our Personas here.

CTO, New Startup Inc.
Computer Science, MSc
Using it extensively in New Startup Inc.
Software Developer, New Startup Inc. (works for Sahib)
Computer Science & AI, BSc
Never used it, aware of it via day job and network
Consultant Chris' Consultancy Inc.
System Integrator, 10+ yrs experience
Very familiar, uses it for quick and reliable dev on customer projects
Software Developer, Company N
Computer Science, BSc
Actively developing Node-RED nodes
Practical Engineer (Not Software)
Experienced - Active member of the Node-RED community