The product department, and Product Managers (PM) by extend are responsible for:

  1. Understanding and communicating the problem of our users and customers.
  2. Defining requirements for a solution that is loved by our users, customers and the community.
  3. Continuously aligning the product strategy with FlowFuse's core strategic objectives, ensuring not only that the product meets current market demands but also anticipates future trends.

Core tasks and responsibilities

Task Description
Maintain and Update Product Strategy The PM is responsible for maintaining and updating the product strategy to ensure alignment with the company's goals and market demands.
Release Planning for Every Milestone The PM is the DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) for planning and prioritizing work for the engineering group.
Create Release Changelog Entries The changelog is the way to broadcast what features have been released. The PM is responsible for ensuring that changelog items are created, reviews are complete, and posts are made.
Connect User and Customer Insights with Product Prioritization The PM is responsible for conducting customer interviews, collecting insights about customer adoption and pain points, and reprioritizing the "Backlog" and "Roadmap". The goal is to continuously refine the most important features, bugs, and technical debt to ensure market relevance.
Triage New Issues (features, bugs, security vulnerabilities, etc.) The PM is responsible for prioritizing the most important issues based on the type of work.
Determine Pricing Tier for Features While the CEO and Sales team handle pricing, the PM is responsible for determining which features belong to specific tiers.
Product-Related Decisions The PM is responsible for making strategic decisions that shape the overall direction of the product.

How the product department works