Human Resources Security Policy

Policy owner Effective date
@ZJvandeWeg 2023-06-01


To ensure that employees and contractors meet security requirements, understand their responsibilities, and are suitable for their roles.


This policy applies to all employees of FlowFuse, consultants, contractors and other third-party entities with access to FlowFuse production networks and system resources.



Background verification checks on FlowFuse personnel shall be carried out in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and shall be proportional to the business requirements, the classification of the information to be accessed, and the perceived risks.

All third-parties with technical privileged or administrative access to FlowFuse production systems or networks are subject to a background check or requirement to provide evidence of an acceptable background, based on their level of access and the perceived risk to FlowFuse.

Competence & Performance Assessment

The skills and competence of employees and contractors shall be assessed as part of the hiring process. Required skills and competencies shall be listed in job descriptions and requisitions, and/or aligned with the responsibilities outlined in the Information Security Roles and Responsibilities Policy. Competency evaluations may include reference checks, education and certification verifications, technical testing, and interviews.

All FlowFuse employees will undergo an annual performance review which will include an assessment of job performance, competence in the role, adherence to company policies and code of conduct, and achievement of role-specific objectives.

Terms & Conditions of Employment

Company policies and information security roles and responsibilities shall be communicated to employees and third-parties at the time of hire or engagement, and employees and contractors are required to formally acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of their security responsibilities.

Employees and relevant third-parties shall follow all FlowFuse information security policies.

Management Responsibilities

Each policy owner shall be responsible for ensuring that information security policies and procedures are reviewed annually, available in the company handbook, and that employees and contractors abide by those policies and procedures for the duration of their employment or engagement.

The primary source for the policies is the company handbook. The review status of each policy is tracked in Vanta.

Annual policy reviews shall include a review of any linked or referenced procedures, standards or guidelines.

PeopleOps shall ensure that information security responsibilities are communicated to individuals, through written job descriptions, policies or some other documented method which is accurately updated and maintained.

Compliance with information security policies and procedures and fulfillment of information security responsibilities shall be evaluated as part of the performance review process wherever applicable.

Management shall consider excessive pressures, and opportunities for fraud when establishing incentives and segregating roles, responsibilities, and authorities.

Information Security Awareness, Education & Training

All FlowFuse employees and third-parties with administrative or privileged technical access to FlowFuse production systems and networks shall complete security awareness training at the time of hire and annually thereafter.

This is managed via the Vanta platform.

Management shall monitor training completion and shall take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with this policy. Employees and contractors shall be aware of relevant information security and data privacy policies and procedures. The company shall ensure that personnel receive security and data privacy training appropriate to their role and data handling responsibilities.

In order to maintain a robust level of security awareness, the company will provide security-related updates and communications to company personnel on an on-going basis through the usual communication channels as needed.

Termination Process

Employee and contractor termination and offboarding processes shall ensure that physical and logical access is promptly revoked in accordance with company SLAs and policies, and that all company issued equipment is returned.

The full offboarding process is available here


Requests for an exception to this policy must be submitted by email to the CEO or CTO for approval.

Violations & Enforcement

Any known violations of this policy should be reported to the CEO or CTO. Violations of this policy can result in immediate withdrawal or suspension of system access and/or disciplinary action in accordance with company procedures up to and including termination of employment.

Policy derived from JupiterOne/security-policy-templates (CC BY-SA 4 license) and Vanta