Production Environment

Our production environment runs in EU-West-1 in a dedicated AWS account.

Access to the AWS account is restricted and not generally available. If you believe you have a need to access the AWS account, raise an Access/Permission Request issue and assign to the CTO for review.

Using production

SSO is enabled for all employees. Everyone is a member of FlowForge Team where Applications/Instances can be created.

By default, FlowFuse employee accounts do not have Admin level access. A dedicated admin account exists with details in 1Password for those with approved admin level access.

If you want to create your own Team for work purposes, use your Brex card when setting up the billing details. You can then request a Stripe Coupon to cover the costs by raising an issue in CloudProject


We deploy the latest product code on a weekly basis. This is done by creating a new maintenance release, including updates to the helm templates. They are then applied manually to production by the engineering team.

The automated deployment to staging has been prepared to apply to production with a manual verification step blocking the final deploy. We have not yet fully enabled this mode but we are getting closer to doing so.