These are the principles of how we setup and use accounts on the FlowFuse Cloud platform.

Shared accounts should be avoided wherever possible, particularly on our own systems as this removes the ability to track which individual made a change.

User Accounts

All employees of FlowFuse should have a user account on FlowFuse Cloud and be added to the FlowFuse Team in order to access our own company projects. This is part of the onboarding checklist.

The email address for this account should be their normal address and will make use of single-sign on.

Internal Teams and Contracted revenue

Any teams created by employees must have billing disabled to avoid polluting our revenue tracking. This is achieved by placing the team into 'manual' billing mode.

For customers on contracted revenue, e.g. an annual deal made by an account executive, the team too is put into manual billing mode.

  1. Raise a Change Request with the name of the team and a request to move it to manual billing mode
  2. The request can be actioned by anyone with admin access to the platform. They will have access to admin-only tools on the Team Settings/Danger page, including the option to 'Setup Manual Billing'. As part of this process, they can pick what Team Type should be applied. Unless specifically requested otherwise, teams should always be upgrade to Enterprise to ensure they have full access to all features.


Where their role requires it, an employee's account may be provided admin level access. This can be achieved by raising a access request with details of the request.

A dedicated Admin account also exists - details are available in 1Password.