The frontend contains two helper services that can be called anywhere in the UI. Each of the services control components built into the main Platform.vue.

Here we see an example of a `Dialog` being used to confirmed deletion of a snapshot, followed by confirmation of the deletion via an `Alert`.


Alerts should be used to reinforce the completion of an action, or to alert a user that something has gone wrong.

The important piece to note here is that alerts should be for information only, and should not require any actions on the user's part.

import Alert from '@/services/alerts'

* msg - The text to be displayed in the alert.
* type - 'info' | 'confirmation' | 'warning'
* countdown - (optional) If provided, the alert will disappear
* after this duration (ms), defaults to 3000.

Alert.emit(msg, type, countdown)

The service is built from the ff-notification-toast forge-ui-component.


The Dialog service should be used when user confirmation is required, after an action has been taken. For example, if a user attempts to delete a resource, a confirmation Dialog should be shown to ensure this was not an accidental action.

import Dialog from '@/services/dialog'

* msg - {
* header: '<header title>',
* kind: 'danger` | `primary` | `secondary` | `tertiary', (default = 'primary')
* text: 'show this message in the dialog',
* html: 'instead of "text", you can provide html for more custom appearance and content',
* confirmLabel: '<confirm-label>'
* }
* callback - function to run when the user confirms the dialog
*/, callback)

The service is built from the ff-dialog forge-ui-component.

More complex ff-dialog instances, where you can use the component directly, can also be used for forms.