FlowFuse provides a comprehensive compensation package with salary, equity, and benefits, aiming to be competitive with similar companies. Factors like company stage, market conditions, role, and level influence salary determination during the hiring process. FlowFuse typically pays in the local currency, unless there are explicit discussions stating otherwise, taking into account location and company context.

Compensation Increase Cycle

FlowFuse follows a single-point increase cycle for salary adjustments. These adjustments take place once a year, aligning with the company's budgeting and planning process. When determining compensation changes, FlowFuse considers three factors: performance, inflation, and market standards. These factors are taken into account together to make decisions about adjusting employee compensation.

For sales functions, these conversations are held once a year with each individual. These conversations include quota negotiation, base and performance compensation. The compensation plan is accompanied by an exhibit. When the terms of the next years compensation plan are signed they should be put into this private Google Drive directory by managment.

Performance Review

Performance reviews will be carried out annually, in September. Any employee or contractor who has completed more than six months of service at FlowFuse is eligible to participate in the performance review process.


FlowFuse can choose to increase compensation based on varying situations:

  • Past year performance, as evaluated during the September performance review.
  • Market positioning, aiming to align compensation within the 50-75th percentile range for companies at the same stage.


FlowFuse intents to offers equity for most roles. The level of stock compensation can vary based on when an employee joined, their performance, and the variables that decide salary. Equity is offered as stock options, which upon execution will be transformed in the underlying stock. Stock compensation are awarded on a 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.

Employees might be taxed personally when accepting or executing stock options. FlowFuse does not provide any advice on financial decisions for employees. For FlowFuse employees the Fair Market Value of the underlying stock can be found in this internal document.

Equity is subject to board approval.


The final component of our total compensation is the benefits package. While our intention is to keep these benefits as location independent as possible and practical, we also strive to provide all employees with a decent standard of living. Therefore, in certain cases, we may offer location-dependent benefits to ensure that appropriate standards are met.

Please note that the benefits offered may be subject to change during your employment. These changes may occur due to evolving legislation, fluctuations in the costs associated with providing the benefits, situations where the costs outweigh the benefits for team members, or other relevant reasons. We aim to ensure that any adjustments made to the benefits package are made with careful consideration and the best interests of our employees in mind.

For everyone

1Password Family

As business users of 1Password each team member gets a free 1Password Family account. You'll need to link your family, see also their docs.

Launch Lunch

A lunch is organized to celebrate every release, and team members participating in a social Zoom call are encouraged to order a meal. You can claim expensed for the lunch, up to a maximum of $25, and all reimbursements must be processed through Deel.

Dinner Bonus

The company wide goal for closed business per month is set by the CEO. When the growth target is met a $100 bonus is awarded to be expensed for a dinner out. The bonus is awarded per quarter.

Health Care

FlowFuse offers a health care package for all employees in the United States, Canada, and India. Reach out to the hiring manager if you believe your country should be added to the list, especially when you're considering a job offer at FlowFuse.

USA and Canada

For employees located in the United States, FlowFuse offer basic health insurance coverage which includes dental and vision with 50% dependents coverage benefits through United Medical.

For employees located in the Canada, FlowFuse offer basic health insurance coverage which includes dental, vision, and health services via Sterling brokers/Manulife.

Employees who choose not to participate in the health insurance provided by FlowFuse have the option to opt out. This can be done by registering with Zenefits and declining coverage during the enrollment process on the platform. It is important to note that if an employee decides to opt out, they must have alternative qualified coverage to ensure compliance with the ACA (Affordable Care Act).