Trade show

As exhibitor

Booth design

The design of the booth is imporant. From the angles that visitors walk past the booth it's vital to have the main logo's in sight: FlowFuse and Node-RED. If the space is large enough, ensure an interactive element is added to the booth for visitors to use and get an idea of what FlowFuse offers.

As visitor

Preparation before the fair

When visiting a trade show you should prepare your trip. Fairs usually publish a list of exhibitioners. Scan that list with names you want to visit, and write these in a document. Than order that list based on stand location. Fairs can become rather big, and going back and forth over the area doesn't scale. Review also the traveling salesperson problem.

Further, please get yourself a few business cards. While a bit old-skool, they serve a purpose and are easy to give out.

Stand visits

Each conversation you have and stand you visit, try to understand who you want to talk to and what your goal is. It's OK to ask someone at the booth if they're the right person to talk them.

Keep your phone in your pocket at all times, give full attention to the person you're talking to. Reply to missed messages and calls after you've left the stand.

When giving out business cards, ask for one back, that way there's a mutual connection if one side forgets to reach out or loses your business card.

Your phone is kept in your pocket at all times.


Go through the business cards you collected and reach out to each and everyone of them. Thank them for the conversation and ask if there's any questions outstanding you can help them with. Consider adding these contacts to HubSpot.