Subscription agreement

For self-managed licenses FlowFuse has a standard subscription agreement template.

Professional Services agreement

When a customer requires FlowFuse's professional services, this is the Professional Services Agreement.

Cloud Partnership agreement

For partners that will refer FlowFuse customer to FlowFuse, FlowFuse Cloud or otherwise, a standard referral agreement is used. The terms of the contract are set by the CEO prior to sending the first draft to each partner.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

FlowFuse has templates for standard NDA's:

  • One way NDA - When the other parties cannot share to any third parties
  • Mutual NDA - Neither party can discuss details outside of the listed parties

If you need these for any discussions, please ask the PeopleOps Manager to send them to the CEO and the counterparty.

Signed NDA documents should be stored on the Google Drive for future reference.

Signing a non-FlowFuse provided NDA

Clauses we cannot agree to:

  1. Only keeping Confidential Information at our legal offices. We're a fully remote company and keep Confidential Information according to our data classification policies.
  2. Auditability of destruction of Confidential Information. As a remote company we will not allow third parties access to homes or offices of employees.