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Generating a Quote and Order Form

Quotes are generated through HubSpot. Each quote should include:

  • A link to the deep copy of the version of the document with the subscription agreement.
  • "Order Form" in the description.
  • The commencement date of the subscription as well as the time period of the subscription.

Closing a deal

Follow the steps below to ensure every new customer is setup for success and quickly as possible following a sale. A deal is considered closed when the customer signed the order form or quote. You do not need to wait for countersignature.


  1. Start invoice procedure
  2. Send an email including instructions how they get access to bought resources and to introduce the customer to their Customer Success Manager.
    • Cloud
      • Ensure a team on FlowFuse Cloud has been set up by the customer
      • Request the customer team to enter manual billing mode
      • Have a FlowFuse Admin upgrade the customer to the correct tier
    • Self-Managed
      • Generate a license key
      • Send the license key with the onboarding email to the customer, in the email explain how to use support@flowfuse.com and our live chat the get support from our team.
  3. Download the completed Order Form and Subscription Agreement, and upload them to the Legal folder in Google Drive.
  4. Set the Renewal data for the deal
  5. Move the deal to Closed Won in HubSpots Deal overview.