FlowFuse has two commercial offerings; self-managed and FlowFuse Cloud. How we engage with customers will differentiate based on the install method and size of the opportunity.

Internal documents:

Generating a Quote and Order Form

Quotes are generated through HubSpot. Each quote should link to the subsciption agreement as well as include "Order Form" in the description. Link the latest version of the document with the subscription agreement.

Closing a deal

Follow the steps below to ensure every new customer is setup for success and quickly as possible following a sale. A deal is considered closed when the customer signed the order form or quote. You do not need to wait for countersignature.


  1. Move the deal to Closed Won in HubSpots Deal overview.
  2. Provide access to the bought resources
    • Cloud
      • Ensure a team on FlowFuse Cloud has been set up by the custome including billing.
      • Apply the discounts on the stripe customer through Coupons
      • Have a FlowFuse Admin upgrade the customer to the correct tier
    • Self-Managed
      • Generate a license key
      • Send the license key with the onboarding email to the customer
  3. Start invoice procedure
    • Email the billing (billing@) department with the signed fully quote. Also include customer details like their email and if applicable their stripe customer details.
    • Update the Stripe customer to set CommittedRevenue to true in the Metadata
  4. Once all parties have signed, download the completed Order Form and Subscription Agreement, and upload them to the Legal folder in Google Drive.