Social Media Channels

Each content type has channels which are appropriate, this table sets out which content should be posted on each channel, but always mindful of the topic of the content. We should share content relevant to the each channel audience.

Content LinkedIn Facebook X Youtube Discord Reddit Node-RED Slack Node-RED Discourse
Blog Article * * *
Product updates * * * * * *
Curated content * * *
Events * * * * * * *
Short videos * * * *
Long format videos * *
Downloadable content * * * * *

Strategy for increasing reach

  • Share quality content aligned with the company strategy and of interest to our personas and ideal customer profile.
  • Position ourselves as thought leaders.
  • Adapt content frequency and type to each channel.
  • Be social:
    • Respond promptly to comments and messages.
    • Like and share relevant content from other sources.
  • Leverage trending topics and holidays.


  • Channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.



  • Once a work day.

Type of content

  • Own content: 3x week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
    • Fresh blog articles: Every new piece of content will be shared on social media as a link to the article.
      • The target day for review should be 3 work days before posting date, and the tile image should be requested when it's submited for review.
    • Additionally, we'll share 1 repurposed blog article per week. This can take the form of slides with a summary of the article, a diagram, a new tile image, an image with a quote, animation, or a short video.
    • Product updates: this could replace one of the previous types of content, and it could be shared as a short video, short tutorial, animation, or diagram.
  • Curated content from other sources: 1x week. Fridays.
    • Articles relevant to our ideal customer / industry related / news / posts.
      • Avoid competitor mentions.
      • Must be industry-related and of interest to our audience.
      • Choose reliable sources.
      • Fresh, up-to-date, and informative.
      • Include our POV in the post.
      • Tag the original source.
    • Follow partners and customers on each channel for shareable content..
  • Other content types: 1x week. Tuesdays.
    • Quick tips, repurposed YouTube videos, surveys, product updates, events, downloads, FAQs, best practices, testimonials, quizzes,challenges.
  • Detailed list here.

Planning and posting

  • We'll plan two weeks ahead, to give us time to prepare content and the associated materials.
  • We'll keep the planning on our HubSpot social calendar.
    • There are placeholder posts in the form of drafts.
    • Clone them to be able to create a new post adressed to all social channels at once.
    • The draft includes the type of content to be shared on the given date and time, and structure recomendations for the description.
    • When posting content on Facebook, always share to the relevant groups too.
    • We'll add a placeholder for Youtube, but this needs to be shared from the Youtube platform and not HubSpot.
  • Posting hours: Aligned with USA Eastern Time before work hours and during lunch, aiming to coincide with Germany's lunch and after work hours.
    • USA before work (6:00 am EDT - 12 pm CEST).
    • USA lunch hours (11:30 am EDT - 5:30 pm CEST).
  • While we have a planned schedule, it's crucial to remain flexible. If more impactful or relevant content emerges, we'll adapt our plan accordingly to ensure the best possible engagement.

Posts format

  • Descriptive text:
    • Align with post purpose and audience goals.
    • Think about relevance to the audience.
  • Emoji
  • Only one CTA
  • Hashtags, ideally three.
  • Link to article / website.

Other social channels recommendations


  • Keep it short, factual, and informal.
  • Include a call to action (link).

Node-RED Slack (FlowFuse section)

  • Keep it factual and informal.
  • Include a call to action (link).

Discourse (Node-RED Forums)

  • Keep it factual and informal.
  • Include a call to action (link).